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The most thorough deer hunting book available

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If you think this is just another book on whitetail deer hunting, I?ve got news for you. This is "the" book on whitetail deer hunting and it covers everything including over 700 pictures and illustrations. Learn how to hunt whitetails in all types of weather. Everything is covered from a packing list for a one or two day hunt to a well prepared venison meal for the table. Learn all about poisonous snakes, spiders, and plants in our chapter on safety and all about Lyme disease. There?s also a lot of great information on this Website for free as well as some great wild game recipes. Just scroll down to Free Stuff for Hunters.

"American Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips and Resources" is the most thorough book available on whitetail deer hunting. Everyone who has provided feedback on this book has indicated that it is by far the best book on the subject of whitetail deer hunting they have ever seen. Just click on the endorsements link below. If you have a deer hunter in the family, you can't go wrong by presenting them with a copy for any occasion. There are several reasons below why this book is so thorough and as a result, so great.

Inside the Book

Books by Terry

American Whitetail
Deer Hunting Tips and Resources

Price: $29.95

My Most Memorable Whitetail Hunts

Price: $16.95

Living Alone with Dementia and Alzheimers

Price: $16.95

"American Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips and Resources"

    will make a perfect gift for that deer hunting someone in your life.

    Just read below all that you would be giving.

    They are guaranteed to love it.

    ~Most book orders shipped next business day.~

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    Click on the above image to check out the book further. 

    * The skills you'll learn in this book are those learned by the author from hunting whitetails on wild, unmanaged properties for the last 40 years.


    * Virtually every aspect of whitetail deer hunting is covered in detail in this book from the initial packing list for a one or two day hunt to actually placing a well prepared venison meal on the table

    * Hundreds of the most valuable tips to help you become a successful deer hunter

    * Pictures and information on all the poisonous snakes in the US

    * What to do and where to go in case of a poisonous snake bite

    * Pictures and information about the various ticks and all about Lyme disease

    * Pictures and information about the most common poisonous plants in the US

    * Pictures and illustrations of the various whitetail deer food sources

    * Hundreds of valuable web sites for future reference

    * Hundreds of photos and illustrations through out the entire book

    * Copies of Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett score charts

    * How to rough score your buck using the P & Y and B & C guidelines

    * How to age your deer using the USGS tooth / jaw bone technique

    * How to field dress your deer

    * How to skin your deer

    * How to butcher your deer

    * How to package your deer for the freezer

    * Lots of great venison recipes

    * How to track and recover your deer

    * How to stalk; still hunt; drive and rattle for deer

    * How to scout: What to look for when and where

    * Learn about the rut: scrapes, rubs, bedding areas, etc.

    * Learn whitetail deer body language and habits

    * How to strategize and prepare for a hunt

    * How to deal with your scent and wind problems

    * Learning good land management

    * Stand hunting and how to set up properly

    * Learn good hunting ethics and all about safety

    In a nutshell, this book has it all

    500 pages and an enormous value at $29.95

    There are lots of books available on whitetail deer hunting, no doubt about that. In most cases however, it would take several of those books combined to equal the contents of "American Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips and Resources". The teachings in this book are based on the author's experience hunting whitetails on wild unmanaged timber and farmland, along with 6 years of research involving input from many other veteran deer hunters. The situations were such that skilled scouting techniques, combined with an in depth knowledge of whitetail habits, patterns, body language and his ability to change his habits quickly, based on his surroundings was a constant necessity. This is the most value for your money you can get in a book on whitetail deer hunting. Read some of the great reviews on this book. We guarantee your satisfaction or 100% of your money back.


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    American Whitetail
    Deer Hunting Tips and Resources

    Your Price: $29.95


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